Top 7 Useful Tools for Developers

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In this article I have listed some of the most useful developer tools and sites, that will help you to speed up your daily workflow and saves your valuable time⏱.

1. IDE Onlang

OneLang is an open-source tool which helps you writing code in multiple programming languages at the same time. Write in one language and get the same result in other languages.

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2. ExtendsClass

ExtendsClass site provides various online developer tools which are directly usable in a browser. It includes various testers, code checkers, Code testers, HTTP API tools, Database tools and other tools.

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3. is an open-source tool, contains a huge list of free resources and tools (software SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc. and other offerings with free developer tiers.)

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4. Kody Tools

Kody Tools contains a list of 100+ dev tools including code converters, formatters, and minifiers.

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5. SaaS Design

SaaS Design provides collection of open source Figma UI design templates which you can use for your next project. It contains paid templates also. You can purchase in bundle.

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6. Kandi:

Kandi helps to jumpstart Application Development by finding the right Open Source resource. You can search open source libraries, packages, public repositories, code, discussions, and documentation which can be used in your projects.

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7. JSON Crack

JSON Crack is an innovative and open-source visualization application that transforms various data formats, such as JSON, YAML, XML, CSV and more, into interactive graphs.

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Comment below if you have used any of these tools and share your experiences. Also, mention the tool you use the most.

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