SMS Marketing Dubai

Text message marketing is the most cost-effective marketing tool in Dubai, and IMRANONLINE is a leader in SMS marketing to reach potential customers or keep in touch with existing customers. We give you the freedom to send SMS marketing campaigns to your target audience anywhere in the world. With our affordable and convenient text messaging services for customers, you’ll feel better equipped and in full control of your entire campaign. Our customers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi increased sales through SMS marketing campaign services. The target audience was Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other wealthy individuals serving SMS ads in Dubai UAE.

Customized SMS Marketing Solutions!!

Promotional text messages

SMS advertising marketing is an effective marketing tool that can be used to launch large-scale texting campaigns to promote your business effectively and quickly. Whether we need an existing brand or start a new business, our SMS marketing campaigns will allow you to send offers, coupons, services and reminders to your existing and potential customers on your mobile phones.

SMS transaction

With our Transaction SMS Gateway, we help customers quickly and efficiently design, build, host and run their SMS applications. In order to provide the end user with a smooth business SMS marketing campaign, we have many direct contacts with the major mobile network operators around the world.

Basic system integration

Send messages directly from most of the custom MXT platforms or through one of our flexible APIs with your existing CRM. Choose the right channel for you.

Sales competition and promotion

Combine that with two-way text messaging, allowing you to create compelling and engaging marketing campaign that can be sent, monitored, and answered all from one platform.


Take advantage of our amazing schedule and bulk text messaging campaigns when it’s right for you. Send all your messages at once or divide them into small groups according to your needs

All in one place

Don’t worry about the huge amount of messages you send. Send all reply messages directly to your email inbox or selected CRM. Here you will be able to reply to individual messages, forward them to large groups or follow calls


Set up and use custom triggers or keywords to automate your SMS workflow, creating dynamic and natural conversations with customers.

Real-time information

Receive incoming messages in real time without delays or interruptions, so you can follow up immediately.

The leading SMS marketing and rush company in Dubai – UAE

SMS marketing in Dubai and instant messaging in Dubai services can be used effectively by both small businesses and multinationals. Our customers from Dubai to Abu Dhabi increased sales through SMS marketing campaign services. SMS marketing in Dubai, SMS advertising in Dubai, SMS marketing in UAE, SMS advertising in UAE

We focus on niche demographics in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for small and medium businesses, offering text messaging and mobile marketing campaigns. SMS marketing Dubai

Want to send text ads or add text message messages to your app? Everything in minutes!!

IMRANONLINE helps companies and software developers enrich their customer experience, create new leads with the latest promotional text messages or highly secure text and transaction text messages with easy-to-use APIs, robust platforms and around the clock. Add alerts and verification features from. Focus on innovation! SMS marketing in Dubai, SMS advertising in Dubai, SMS marketing in UAE, SMS advertising in UAE


Unbeatable prices and fast delivery

Our direct contacts with operators around the world provide automated routing of prices, routes and advanced infrastructure SMS gateways with high delivery rates, low delays and round-the-clock support to help your campaigns achieve a return on investment. Helps and provides the best user experience for your apps.

The best quality of Messaging

Sending messages is very easy, but delivering them quickly and consistently is more difficult. We use technologies that help us exceed our message quality standards, regardless of a user’s geographical location

Each time you refer to your end user, we will deliver your message using the same sender ID.

Our platform supports Unicode to deliver your message with international symbols and emoticons.

Why IMRANONLINE SMS marketing?

  1. Lower price than local suppliers
  2. Fast message delivery (more than 14 messages per second)
  3. Additional support on site / phone / online / email
  4. Mobile number databases, which allow you to send text messages only to the most interesting recipients
  5. No setup fee, no monthly fee, no special relationship to quantity
  6. Easy-to-use web application that allows you to send one-time text messages and log / monthly analysis reports
  7. Function integration in web / desktop applications
  8. You can reply to a text message

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SMS application features

  1. Features of SMS applications
  2. Marketing via text messages from your company
  3. Web application
  4. Full support for sending text messages in English / Arabic / other languages
  5. Phonebook – You can save and manage contacts in groups
  6. The user may be able to send individual or bulk text messages
  7. The user can send bulk text messages from any computer using only a web browser
  8. Function integration in web / desktop applications
  9. View message history and delivery reports
  10. View credit information

Our cell phone number database can be classified as follows:

  1. UAE residents only
  2. Migrant only
  3. Arabic speakers
  4. English speakers only
  5. Houses only
  6. European, American and African only
  7. Gender (male or female)

SMS marketing services

We have a large text message database for many specific regions and countries. Because the SMS database is differentiated according to the demographic database, we can run an SMS marketing campaign targeted at Dubai residents. Customer requirements for which we have conducted SMS marketing campaigns targeting credit marketing owners in Dubai, mobile text messaging and daily SMS marketing aimed at potential purchases from the UAE to Saudi Arabia. Mass marketing of your mobile phone number database via SMS to specific UAE nationalities, encouraging voters to use the franchise during the election, inviting them to attend events.

Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain