Facebook Marketing Dubai

Facebook Marketing Dubai

Facebook advertising and marketing makes it simple and smart to find the right people, attract their attention and generate results. You can easily reach the most searched users with advanced precise targeting and 10 million targeted Facebook users in the UAE. We can target people based on advertisement and based on how they interact and when they do, and create experiences relevant to their product testing process. We are the best Facebook advertising agency in Dubai with highly trained social media experts who are qualified people to advertise on Facebook. 

Your people are here:

  1. Two billion people use Facebook every month.
  2. In the UAE, every 5 minutes, 1 person on a mobile device spends on Facebook or Instagram.
  3. The app is used by 500 million Instagram users every day.
  4. Show your ads to more people in more places
  5. Improve your reach by showing your ads on Facebook, Instagram, and audiences

We can run Facebook ads on any budget

Find people easily

You can target people based on demographics, behavior, or contact information.

Pay attention to them

Our ad formats are attractive, flexible, and run at connection speeds on every device.

Get the result

Ad Reporting Tools show you easy-to-see visual reports of how your ads have affected your business

Reach your Facebook ads audience

Facebook ads appear in the right-hand column of the user’s page ad. You can display up to four ads in an ad slot, but you can’t control the order in which your ads appear. Facebook focuses on the data of the big players in advertising strategy, allowing advertisers to precisely target. In fact, Facebook offers advertisers the opportunity to properly reach their audience, from a broad demographic to geographic and more specific interests.

Here are some ways to find the right audience for your Facebook ad:

Location targeting:

Facebook allows you to pinpoint your location based on part of your profile. If you want to reach certain regional markets, this allows you to expand your target to areas around 10, 25, and 50 miles away.

Targeting by interest and likes:

Facebook allows advertisers to navigate to specific keywords using their members profile data. These keywords represent the interests of the member. Topics of interest to users, such as taste in music, TV preferences, religious beliefs, etc., can be used to further target your audience.

Audience after communication:

You can select people who are already associated with your Facebook page or any of your other pages. You can only select ads for users who have not yet connected; As a result, your ad is not showing to existing fans. You can select friends of people who are already associated with your page.

Why are you advertising on Facebook?

More than two billion people used Facebook in the last census. These users are very busy with online content: more than 800 million people like something on Facebook every day. If you want to get the most out of your advertising value, a very large audience can be a bad thing. After all, you want to show your brand only to people who are interested in working with you. Fortunately, Facebook offers multiple layers of targeting so you can focus Facebook ads on the right audience for your business to increase ROI.

More details on Facebook ad targeting will be covered later in this post, but now keep in mind that a large, global Facebook audience is combined with the ability to target your ad by demographics, location, interests, and behavior, allowing you to identify the exact people you reach. They will most likely buy your products.

Keep that in mind: 95.8 percent of social media marketers worldwide said that Facebook provides the best return on investment of all social platforms.

Since your contestants are already seeing significant results from Facebook ads and increasing their spending, it’s time to develop your Facebook advertising strategy.

Types of Facebook ads

Facebook offers 10 campaign goals based on which you want to advertise. For each of these goals, you can choose different ad formats based on the audience you choose.

Before we go into some specific examples of Facebook ads and the technical requirements of each format, let’s look at how different types of Facebook campaigns fit in with business goals:

  1. Install apps: Encourage the installation of mobile or desktop apps.
  2. Brand Awareness: Introduce your brand to a new audience.
  3. Conversion: Ask people to take certain actions on your site such as signing up for your list or buying your product.
  4. Sharing: Show your message to a wider audience to increase views of your likes, comments, shares, or photos; Increase the number of likes on your page.
  5. Lead generation: Get new leads in your sales funnel.
  6. Reach: Show your ad to the most people in your audience.
  7. Sell product listings: Add your Facebook ads to your product list to show people ads for the products they want to buy
  8. Store visits: customers are directed to traditional stores.
  9. Traffic: Direct traffic to a specific site.
  10. Video Views: Show your videos to a wider audience to increase brand awareness

Facebook likes and followers

Try our marketing techniques for the best results

If you own a business or website, you may have created a Facebook fan page to promote your products or services. No doubt you want to ensure that your fan page to be more popular than any competitor’s page, because in many cases this means your business is better because you have more liking and followers.

If you want your fan page to stand out, sell, and become very popular, you need to advertise. If you’ve ever tried to buy a fan page directly from the Facebook Display Network, you need to know how misleading it can be. The most important thing is that you know how expensive Facebook advertising works. For this reason, now those who want to buy real Facebook networks, turn to us for social media marketing safely, quickly and at an affordable price.

Facebook Advertising: Tips and Examples

Now that you understand the different goals of your Facebook campaign, let’s explore the different Facebook ad formats.

Facebook photo advertising

  1. Facebook ad specifications: 1 image and text
  2. Campaign type: Everyone except video view
  3. Facebook ad image size: 1200 x 628 pixels
  4. Text limit: 90 characters
  5. Name text limit: 25 characters

Note. Since Facebook doesn’t want people’s news feeds to be filled with images that contain text, you need to have less than 20 percent image text coverage. This also applies to video thumbnails. In fact, the less text there is in your image, the more it will be distributed. Use this Facebook tool to check if your photos contain less than 20 percent text.

Facebook video ad

  1. Facebook ad specifications: 1 video with text
  2. Campaign type: All
  3. Facebook ad image size (thumbnail): minimum width 600 pixels; Length corresponds to the aspect ratio of the video
  4. Text limit: 90 characters
  5. Name text limit: 25 characters
  6. Facebook ad sizes: 16: 9 video aspect ratio (full script) or 1: 1 (square) for all purposes; Other percentages are available for certain campaign types
  7. Maximum video length: 120 minutes
  8. If video ads are edited, they can attract more.

Slideshow Facebook ad

  1. Facebook ad specification: The video is automatically generated from 10 still images
  2. Campaign type: Everyone except engagement and product listing sales
  3. Facebook ad image size: 1280 x 720 pixels
  4. Text limit: 90 characters

Facebook carousel ads

  1. Facebook ad specifications: up to 10 images or videos as well as text
  2. Campaign type: Everyone except engagement and product listing sales
  3. Facebook ad image size: 600 x 600 pixels
  4. Text limit: 90 characters
  5. Title text limit: 40 characters (for images) or 25 characters (for videos)
  6. Maximum video length: 2 minutes at a time

Facebook collections ads

  1. Facebook ad specifications: A mobile-only ad format that reflects multiple products or features
  2. Campaign type: Conversions, Traffic
  3. Facebook ad image size: 1200 x 628 pixels
  4. Facebook ad sizes: 16: 9 video aspect ratio (full landscape) or 1: 1 (square)
  5. Name text limit: 25 characters
  6. Maximum video length: 120 minutes

Facebook canvas ads

  1. Facebook ad specifications: A comprehensive ad format with text up to 20 images and videos
  2. Campaign type: brand awareness, conversions, and engagement
  3. Facebook ad size: full screen mode

Facebook Leads ads

  1. Facebook ad specifications: A pre-filled lead form that greatly help to connect the potential customers with your business
  2. Campaign types: Lead generation
  3. Facebook ad image sizes: 1200 x 628 pixels
  4. Headline text limit: 45 characters
  5. Button text limit: 25 characters