Few best ChatGPT prompts

ChatGPT prompts for web development

  1. Continue writing this code in Java Script [insert code].
  2. Can you give me an example of how I can do [x] using CSS and HTML?
  3. Act like a Python interpreter. I will give you Python code and you will execute it. Only respond with the output of the code.
  4. Act like a programming languages expert. Help me find mistakes in the following code [insert code]. And provide me a detailed numbered list of actionable steps. 
  5. What exactly does this regex do? [insert example].
  6. Give me a detailed guide on the best practices for creating a website using WordPress putting the user experience an the SEO optimization at the first place.
  7. Act as an SQL terminal in front of an example database. The database contains tables named [insert names]. I will type queries and you will reply with what the terminal would show. Do not write explanations and do not type commands until I instruct you to do so. My first command is [insert command].
  8. Develop an architecture and web code for a [insert type] website with Javascript.
  9. Create an info symbol in SVG.
  10. Write a docstring for the following function [insert function].

ChatGPT prompts for marketing

  1. Write 10 subject lines for emails about [insert topic].
  2. Can you provide me with a comprehensive guide on building backlinks to my website?
  3. Write an outline for a 5-stage email sequence welcoming new customers into my brand.
  4. Generate a social media content calendar for Instagram Reels.
  5. Act like a Social Media Marketing specialist and write a blog post under 500 words explaining the benefits of using TikTok for raising brand awareness using these keywords.
  6. Write two Google Ads in RSA format that can be used for A/B testing our [insert product].
  7. Create 5 distinct CTAs and buttons for [insert your product].
  8. Provide me with market research on [insert topic] for audiences in the southwest region of [insert country].
  9. Analyse these metrics and suggest ways to improve the conversion rates. In the potential tips, Include also the title of these articles and the product description.
  10. Act like a Social Media Manager and write a social media post that targets [x] and teaches them how [x] can improve their life.

ChatGPT prompts for your career

  1. Provide me with research on [insert industry] that I can use to prepare a cover letter.
  2. Write me advice on career planning including how I can make steps towards financial goals and getting a promotion.
  3. Please review my CV and suggest any edits that make me sound more appealing for a role as a [insert job title].
  4. I’m providing you with a list of my skills and experience. Generate a summary of my unique selling points to separate me from competitors.
  5. Write me a cold email to [insert recipient and title] that highlights my strengths and skills in [insert job].
  6. Act as an interviewer for [insert job role]. Ask me a question and wait for my reply before asking the next question. Do not ask them all at once.
  7. What are some of the common pitfalls in [insert job]? Help me avoid these by summarising them with bullet points.
  8. Create a thank you email template I can send after completing an interview.
  9. Write a cover letter that highlights my passion for [insert topic] using my skills.
  10. Write me a step-by-step guide for asking for a pay rise at work.

ChatGPT prompts for content creation

  1. Write me a 500-word blog post about tips on creating a social media content calendar for e-commerce. Make it informal and fun.
  2. Act as a translator. I’ll submit a body of text in English and I’d like to you translate it to French and analyse it for spelling and grammatical errors.
  3. Act like a screenwriter. I’d like you to develop a screenplay that will excite and entertain audiences. Focus on the characters and how their story arcs manifest over the first, second and third acts. Summarise the screenplay plot in one line.
  4. Generate a two-minute script for [insert topic] that focuses on [insert objective] I can use to present to shareholders.
  5. Make the following text more creative [insert text]. Keep it professional but make it sounds more appealing to inexperienced readers.
  6. Write a comprehensive guide to [insert topic].
  7. Write a case study for [insert topic].
  8. Create a how-to video script for [insert product] that lets customers understand how to get started.
  9. Generate 5 social media posts for [insert social media platform] that talk about [insert topic]. Keep them under 75 words each.
  10. Prepare a content outline on [insert topic]. Make it short but informative.

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