Boost Your Productivity: 10 Essential VS Code Shortcuts for Web Developers

Introduction: Streamlining your coding workflow is essential for productivity, and mastering keyboard shortcuts in Visual Studio Code (VS Code) can make you feel like a coding wizard 🧙‍♀️. In this guide, we’ll explore 10 must-know VS Code shortcuts that are not only time-saving but also catered for a MacBook keyboard. Adapt them to your setup and enhance your coding experience.

  1. Quick File Navigation with Command ⌘ + P: Open the search bar swiftly with Command ⌘ + P, allowing you to search and open files without manual navigation. A time-saving shortcut for efficient coding.
  2. Easily Copy/Cut and Paste Entire Line/Block: Copy or cut an entire line with Command ⌘ + C or Command ⌘ + X, even without selecting the whole line. This feature enhances your copying and cutting efficiency.
  3. Move Code Up and Down / Move Lines Up/Down: Easily relocate code blocks or lines with Option ⌥ + arrow up/down. A handy shortcut for organizing your code structure.
  4. Toggle Side Panel and Integrated Terminal: Focus on your code by hiding the sidebar (Command ⌘ + B) or the in-built terminal (Command ⌘ + J). Customize your workspace for optimal coding concentration.
  5. Multi-Cursor Editing: Edit code on multiple lines effortlessly. Use Option ⌥ + Click or Command ⌘ + D to add cursors and edit multiple instances simultaneously.
  6. Navigate a Line of Code Word by Word or from Start to End: Navigate through a line using Option ⌥ + arrow left/right or Command ⌘ + arrow left/right. Streamline your code exploration within a line or throughout the file.
  7. Search in All Files with Command ⌘ + Shift ⇧ + F: Accelerate your search by looking through all project files with Command ⌘ + Shift ⇧ + F. A powerful shortcut for finding functions across your entire project.
  8. Go to a Specific Line of Code in the File: Use Control + G to jump to a specific line in your file. An excellent tool, especially during pair programming sessions.
  9. Close Current File When You No Longer Need It: Quickly close the current file with Command ⌘ + W, maintaining a tidy workspace.
  10. Navigate Through Your Open Tabs: Effortlessly cycle through your open tabs with Control + Tab, enhancing your navigation speed.

Bonus: Copy the Line You Are On Just Below: Duplicate the current line by placing the cursor on it and pressing Option ⌥ + SHIFT + arrow down.

Remember to build muscle memory gradually by incorporating these shortcuts into your workflow. Happy coding! 🚀

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