How to read premium medium articles for free?

Medium has gained popularity as a platform for both writers and readers, offering a diverse array of insightful articles. Yet, premium content on Medium typically comes with a price tag, restricting access to valuable articles.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to an innovative workaround referred to as the “12ft Ladder Paywall” to help you access Medium’s premium articles without payment. It’s important to note that while this technique may be effective at the moment, it’s essential to uphold the rights of content creators and show support for their work whenever feasible.

Unlimited Access to Medium Articles A Simple Method for Seamless Reading

Comprehending the Paywall: To grasp the 12ft Ladder Paywall hack better, it’s essential to have an understanding of how Medium’s paywall operates. Medium follows a freemium model, permitting users to read a specific number of articles for free every month. Once this limit is surpassed, a subscription is required to access more content. Premium articles, reserved for subscribers, necessitate a paid membership for access.

Meet the 12ft Ladder Paywall Hack: The 12ft Ladder Paywall hack is a technique designed to circumvent Medium’s paywall, granting you access to premium articles without charge. This ingenious approach capitalizes on a vulnerability within Medium’s system, enabling the reading of premium articles without the need for a paid subscription.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Locate the Article: Start by finding the premium article you want to read. Copy the article’s URL from your browser’s address bar.
  2. Access the 12ft Ladder Paywall: Go to the 12ft Ladder Paywall website or search for it on your preferred search engine. This website offers a dedicated tool to bypass Medium’s paywall.
  3. Paste the Article URL: On the 12ft Ladder Paywall website, you’ll see a designated text box. Paste the URL of the premium article you copied earlier into this box.
  4. Click “Unlock”: Once you’ve pasted the URL, click the “Unlock” or a similar button on the 12ft Ladder Paywall website. This action triggers the tool to bypass the paywall and provide you access to the article.
  5. Enjoy the Premium Content: After the process is complete, the 12ft Ladder Paywall will redirect you to the unlocked premium article. You can now relish reading it without any restrictions.

Crucial Considerations: While the 12ft Ladder Paywall hack can be a means to access premium Medium articles without payment, it is imperative to approach this method with discretion and ethical awareness. Here are some vital considerations to bear in mind:

  1. Support Content Creators: Writers on Medium dedicate their time and effort to produce valuable articles. When possible, show your support by subscribing to Medium’s paid membership or seeking legitimate ways to access their content.
  2. Legality and Terms of Use: The 12ft Ladder Paywall hack might breach Medium’s terms of service or other legal agreements. It’s vital to comprehend the potential consequences of using this method, including the risk of account suspension or other penalties.
  3. Fair Compensation: Bypassing the paywall effectively circumvents the system that provides compensation to writers. Reflect on the potential impact this may have on the platform’s sustainability and writers’ ability to continue creating quality content.

The 12ft Ladder Paywall hack offers a means to temporarily access premium Medium articles without a subscription, catering to readers seeking valuable content. However, it is imperative to utilize this method responsibly and contemplate its implications for content creators. Supporting writers and acknowledging their work is crucial for the sustainability of platforms like Medium. It’s worth noting that while this hack may be effective today, platforms frequently update their systems to address such loopholes, so its longevity remains uncertain.

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